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The Hyper-IT Story

Hyper-IT can trace its roots back many decades to the Kocmoud family. Founded in 1992 KMR Tech provided electronics and computer repair services to the Chicagoland area based out of their home office in Berwyn. KMR was led by Jim Kocmoud who trained his son Phillip. In 1997 Craig Patno joined the KMR team when they moved to Westchester.  

At KMR Phillip and Craig focused on repairing consumer and small business IT issues. At one point they were tasked with building 30 custom computers for a local business client. Jim focused on the electronics repair side. At the time, industrial monitor repair was in high demand and allowed KMR Tech to flourish.  

In 1999 Phillip started Hyper-IT Services, LLC and began to focus solely on small business IT needs. This was when Hyper-IT began working with many local pizza restaurants, supporting their Point-of-Sale systems. Phillip broke away from KMR and began laying the building blocks for the powerhouse in IT support that Hyper-IT is today. Craig worked for Phil part-time while still leading the computer side of the business at KMR. 

In 2006 KMR Tech was sold, and Craig began working for Phillip full-time. Craig and Phil had many adventures during this time, like the one call when they flew on a small prop plane down to southern Illinois, with Phil piloting the plane, to provide IT services for the Illinois Youth Correctional Facility.  

10 years later in 2017 Craig purchased Hyper-IT Services from Phillip and rebranded the company to Hyper-IT. As the years have passed with Craig at the helm, Hyper-IT is still leading the way in IT support in the Chicagoland area with help from his wife Roxanne as Vice President and Human Resources Director, while together raising their children, Michael, Jenna, and Haleigh.  

Today, with the help of a diverse team with multiple skills, the crew at Hyper-IT has moved from its “break-fix” roots in the 90s to a fully Managed Service Provider. The techs at Hyper-IT are familiar with the needs of today’s business from cloud-based Microsoft 365 services to next-generation firewalls.  

Hyper-IT focuses on the dynamic and ever-changing nature of IT and keeps security always at the forefront of a client’s business. We strive to ensure our clients’ data and infrastructure are protected.  

Throughout the growth of Hyper-IT, we have not forgotten our roots and still provide IT services to some of the most popular pizza restaurants in the Chicagoland area.  

From restaurants to manufacturing, doctors, and lawyers, there is no vertical that Hyper-IT has not had experience in assisting. Contact us today to see if Hyper-IT and your business would be a good fit! 

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